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Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Cat’s

Cat is a beautiful unique animal that has beautiful long and short hairs on her skin. So, definitely if you are having a cat as a pet then you should take good care of your cat’s hairs. The most important thing you should know is the hairs of cat that usually found everywhere in hope, around your clothes while she is rubbing with you. Many people are found affected by these hairs with different problems of breathing. Therefore, I felt an urge to write this article about hair loss of cats and how to prevent this problem.

Well, to get rid of cat hairs there are several devices that provide a good solution of removing such useless harmful hairs. Below, I am going to discuss some salient features of perfect hair air purifiers that can keep you away from certain problems and diseases.

Removes Useless Cat Hairs Gently: 
To tell you the truth, the hairs of cat are full of small germs and bacteria that can harm human body easily. The main problems that a person can get from such hairs are Asthma, skin allergies and respiratory problems. Now, I think that you are totally aware of this dilemma. Therefore, using a good purifier of hairs means you are removing other germs and pollutants too.

Ready the Cleaner 24/7: 
To get effective and better results you should try to keep your cleaner 24/7 ready because being prompt in cleaning the hairs can keep you away from several health problems. Usually, such hairs are often found when your cat is playing, jumping on sofa, lying on rug or on your lap, rubbing herself with your legs. In these situations you can find hell lot of useless hairs of your cat that are full of germs and pollutants.

Safe Purifier: 
Try to use those purifiers that are good for everyone and no ozone elements are used in them. Make sure that air purifier motor is made up of steel instead of plastic to bear the heat while it is in the process of purifying. For further details, you can also follow the links given below where you can find better assistance on cat hairs issues.

Cat Health Care Tips

Taking care of a cat to insure proper health care for your cat is very important. You don’t want to inadvertently do something that will make your cat sick or ill. Some well intentioned things that cat owners might do can actually be damaging to cat health.

One of the important things to consider in Cat Health Care is the proper feeding of your cat. The best foods for your cat are the commercially prepared foods, as home prepared diets, especially vegetarian diets, are not properly balanced for cats and can contain too much or too little of the nutrients necessary for cats, leading to illness. For proper care you should be sure that you don’t give your cat chocolate or onions. Treats like fish and liver can be given on special occasions. Carbohydrates like rice, pasta, and potatoes can be mixed into your cat’s food for variety. However, the majority of your cat’s diet should consist of commercially prepared hard cat food since this will help keep the cat’s teeth and body as healthy as possible.

It is not healthy for cat’s to get too fat, so you need to try to prevent this as part of your Cat Health Care regimen. Feed your cat small amounts a few times during the day, and try to feed it at the same times every day. Also, try to ensure that your cat gets some exercise. Play with your cat and provide your cat with balls and other toys that it can bat around and chase after in order to get exercise. If your cat does happen to get overweight, you should cut out all extra treats and try to get the cat moving around a bit more. However, you don’t want to cause the cat to lose weight too quickly or it could be at risk for a liver disease.

Cleaning your cat’s teeth is another part of the cat’s care. You want to get a special toothbrush from the dentist, as well as toothpaste made for cats. You don’t ever want to use toothpaste made for people, as this can make your cat sick. It might be easier to get started brushing your cat’s teeth if you start by dabbing a bit of toothpaste on the cat’s lips so the cat can get used to the taste.

Healthy Hair Tips

These are some things to consider before you get a Chemical Relaxer or a Keratin Treatment.

Relaxers will permanently reconstruct your hair. The chemicals applied are formulated to sink into the inner layer of the hair strand, break down the bond, than re-bond your hair to the straighten position. This usually leaves your hair feeling much dryer from the damage.

Keratin Treatments are not made to break down your hair. Keratin is the protein your hair is made of. The treatment is designed to apply an extra coat of keratin around each strand making your hair lay smoother. You will be able to dry your hair straight or wear it curly. Of course depending on your original texture, you might have to flat iron to remove the remaining wave. Unlike the Relaxer, the Keratin Treatment, will gradually wear off over time.

With the Relaxer you will obtain re-growth while your shaft and ends remain straight. When touching up your roots your stylist must take extreme care not to apply the Relaxer to already straightened hair. If the chemical is over lapped onto previously treated hair, you will have a very good chance of severe breakage.

On the other hand, the Keratin Treatment can continuously be applied to your ends. The more often applied the thicker the protective keratin layer becomes. It is recommended to let the treatment wear completely off before reapplication unless straighter results are desired. It will also apply strength to damaged and brittle hair while Relaxers do not. Not all hair types have the ability to handle the damage from Relaxers.

Five All Natural, Hot Weather Health Safety Tips

As a proud pet owner, most people naturally want the very best for their furry, four-legged friends. It is likely your emotional investment began the moment you, and your new found companion, looked into each others eyes for the first time.

If you happen to be a stickler in keeping high, physical health care standards for yourself and your family, then ensuring that your pet has a safe, healthy, and happy life is certainly going to become a top priority too. With a return to summer, which everyone enjoys, including our pets, it can also bring to mind some seasonal health concerns regarding our extended, family members.

This does not have to wreak havoc on your personal finances, however, as five important common sense strategies can head off several unnecessary, and expensive trips to your veterinarian. These natural approaches should leave everyone in the household feeling happier, especially your pet! And, they are economical in the long-term.

Safety Tip 1

Keep pets cool

Hot temperatures combined with high humidity interferes with an animal’s natural ability to pant, which is how they cool themselves. This kind of weather is very hard on your pet. Unlike humans, who can cool themselves by sweating through pores in the skin, canines and felines only have sweat glands in noses and paw pads. Hence, a dry nose is a warning sign of a feverish or dehydrated animal.

Always provide your pet with a daily, fresh water supply. This applies to any season, but it is especially important in the summer months. If your pet is recovering from surgery, illness, or has become severely dehydrated, there is even special electrolyte-enhanced water available for dogs. Search for those in larger pet or health food stores.

Your pet will be happier, and much more comfortable, being left at home on a shopping trip. If you feel you must take them out on a hot day, never leave them in a vehicle with the windows down, even for a few minutes.

Getting wet in a creek, lake, or child size wading pool can help keep your dog cool. Be mindful, though, to rinse off your dog’s fur after a swim in the ocean, or a chemically treated pool.

Long-haired animals need daily brushing or combing to avoid heat-trapping matting or tangling of coats. Regular hair cuts or trimmings during hot weather, can help keep pets cooler. Just be careful, if your doing it yourself though, don’t shave the animal. Skin that has never seen sunlight will burn easily!

Safety Tip 2

Pest control

Stinging, biting, and blood sucking insects can affect your pet’s health, happiness, and behavior. A bee sting can inflict as much pain and swelling on your pet as it can you. Pull stingers out with fingernails or tweezers. You can dab the affected area (except around the eyes) with a diluted solution of half apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil, water mix. Exception: do not use these disinfecting mixtures on a small dog, puppy, or cats.

When it comes to repelling, and protecting, your pet from common parasites like fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and mosquitoes, look for safe non-toxic products containing ‘neem’. Most of these products are a bottled liquid mixture. There are several creative ways of using them from mixing them up to use as a dip, mix in your dogs shampoo, or even soaking a cloth collar can repel the health hazards of external parasites, naturally.

Safety Tip 3


Both owner and pet benefit, tremendously, from a mentally and physically active lifestyle. Regular physical interaction with your pet provides not just physical benefits, but emotional ones as well. All kinds of physical activity can be incorporated as game playing with your pet friend. It will promote healthy muscle stimulation, and sharpen cognitive mental functioning.

Just remember, in hot weather months, use the keep your pet cool rule. Schedule these types of activities in the cooler parts of the day.

Safety Tip 4

Control ear infections

Ear infections can be a common problem in the summer with long-eared dogs, or water loving ones. Most ear infections are caused by yeasty types of bacterias.

An ounce of prevention technique, that works rather in humans too, is mixing up a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Store in a dropper bottle and dispense a few drops into each ear after water exposure to the ears. The alcohol helps dry out the ear canal, and the vinegar lowers the pH, making the inside of the ear a less than ideal environment for bacteria to thrive in.

Safety Tip 5

Improve Diet

Whether you wish to increase an older pet’s energy and vitality, get better control of internal (worms) or external parasites, or relieve problem allergies, all of these can be done from the inside out through diet improvement.

Powdered probiotic and enzyme supplements can be added to your pet’s food. There are several quality brands available, exclusively, for dogs and cats. Both, good bacteria and enzyme nutrition supplementation, help to strengthen your pet’s immune system and stimulate better digestion, assimilation, and elimination.

Most commercial brands of processed pet foods, either dry or canned, provide a minimal amount of basic nutrition, due to over processing or are missing many different nutrients entirely. The same is true if you are feeding your pet home prepared food. If you are going to feed your pet real food, it will be much better tolerated if it is fed raw. Raw meat, milk, or eggs is best.

Many alternative health care strategies that are available to humans, also exist for pet health. Health care specialties such as acupressure, massage, and spinal manipulation, that work well for people, can also help your pet, just search for a practitioner who specializes in animal therapy.

How to Shave Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is an often neglected area when it comes to personal grooming for men. For one, we feel that it is absolutely unnecessary to do so, since that area is pretty much hidden most of the time. Secondly, guys do not tend to make the effort to make ourselves look and feel better. We pale in comparison with the fairer sex when it comes to personal grooming.

However, if you are scratching your head and wondering why you should shave your pubic hair, read on.

1. Health purposes. Our pubic hair can trap heat and sweat through our daily activities and provides a venue for bacteria to grow quickly. This will result in itch and odour. If not properly cleaned, it might lead to other serious health problems such as infections.

2. Attracting the opposite sex. Imagine how nice it would seem to a girl when she discovered that you had just shaved your privates. Not only is the idea interesting, she would be more than willing to try new things with you. You get my point.

How to shave your pubic hair

1. Invest in a good shaver. Do not buy those disposable shavers as they might not be good enough to shave cleanly.

2. Use a cooling shaving cream. Wet your pubic area and squeeze lots of cream onto that area.

3. Starting from the shaft of your penis, bring the shaver towards your groin area. You can start from the left side, followed by the centre, then the right side.

4. Do not forget to shave your scrotum, crotch and inner thighs as well.

Aftershave care

1. You might get skin irritation and this is normal. Itch and rashes might result. Wear a boxer and loose clothing to avoid irritating the skin further.

2. You might want to get a aloe vera gel to soothe the irritation. Aloe vera is good for skin-healing and I strongly recommend it.