Attempting To Go Natural?

I was asked by a reader, if I had any tips for growing hair long. She is considering going natural(chemical-free hair) and asked if I had any tips on achieving long hair in the process. Well, I did a post on the topic of natural hair and my journey so far to natural hair. It has been an incredible ride thus far.

If I had to type my hair, I would be a 4a/3c in the back. Hair typing is pretty lame in my opinion, because most people have an array of textures. It does allow you to understand your hair a bit better, but that knowledge will come with it or not.

My regimen is:

* wash hair weekly- Preferably with a sulfate-free shampoo. Shampoos with sulfate tend to strip the hair of its natural oils.
* deep condition- I usually deep condition using a heating cap for 30minutes to an hour. I currently have a heating cap but will probably invest in a Pibbs dryer soon. I have been slacking on this for the past month and I can already tell the difference
* moisturize daily- my natural hair tends to get dry a lot quicker then when I was relaxed. It drinks up moisture! Products that I recommend, raw shea butter or cantu shea butter
* Vitamins- Biotin, castor oil, vitamin C, and multi-vitamin. Not only for hair but overall health.* HEAT- I can’t stress this enough, frequent heat will not only fry your hair if not applied correctly but will destroy your curls. I recommend flat ironing only 1-2times a week, preferably with a ceramic iron…NOT ceramic COATED
* COMBING NATURAL HAIR DRY- You will rip your pretty hair which will cause breakage and thin ends. Please only comb and detangle hair when wet with conditioner

See, I keep it very simple. I lack the time and energy for over the top regimens. I would recommend reading a good book on natural hair.

I don’t have any secret concoctions, but I will say that growing hair long is not a challenge. Find a regimen that works(might take some time) and have patience. Your hair will not grow over night.

Here’s the thing, you can seduce any woman that you desire! While it might sound like a tough thing to do, it really is not. All that needs to be done is to study the “rules” for success!