Healthy Hair Tips

These are some things to consider before you get a Chemical Relaxer or a Keratin Treatment.

Relaxers will permanently reconstruct your hair. The chemicals applied are formulated to sink into the inner layer of the hair strand, break down the bond, than re-bond your hair to the straighten position. This usually leaves your hair feeling much dryer from the damage.

Keratin Treatments are not made to break down your hair. Keratin is the protein your hair is made of. The treatment is designed to apply an extra coat of keratin around each strand making your hair lay smoother. You will be able to dry your hair straight or wear it curly. Of course depending on your original texture, you might have to flat iron to remove the remaining wave. Unlike the Relaxer, the Keratin Treatment, will gradually wear off over time.

With the Relaxer you will obtain re-growth while your shaft and ends remain straight. When touching up your roots your stylist must take extreme care not to apply the Relaxer to already straightened hair. If the chemical is over lapped onto previously treated hair, you will have a very good chance of severe breakage.

On the other hand, the Keratin Treatment can continuously be applied to your ends. The more often applied the thicker the protective keratin layer becomes. It is recommended to let the treatment wear completely off before reapplication unless straighter results are desired. It will also apply strength to damaged and brittle hair while Relaxers do not. Not all hair types have the ability to handle the damage from Relaxers.