Thin Hair Tips and Advice

Today there are countless websites and magazines that offer thin hair tips. The merits of the advice given from many different sources can be debated. For example if you were to color your hair or use volumizing shampoos you would not actually be addressing the root cause of the problem. The only real solution would be to use a product that resolves the factors that lie behind the condition.

To start with you need to understand how to ensure you do not lose any more depth to your hair. Unfortunately many shampoos and other products are predominantly based on chemical formulas which can have a detrimental affect on the scalp and follicles. If you want to restore your mane to its previous condition then you will need to seek out a natural solution and be as patient as necessary.

Understand that there is no magic wand that can be waved to produce a full head of thick hair overnight. The best treatments can take many months to be effective. If you are willing to use a medicine then one of the best options would be Minoxidil. This compound has shown great results in various trials and has even been approved by the US federal drug administration in this regard.

If you apply minoxidil twice a day to the affected areas you should start to see noticeable changes in the amount of hair in a matter of weeks. If using minoxidil do not be tempted to exceed the correct dosage as this would not result in a quicker solution.

If you do not feel so happy using a product such as minoxidil then another interesting option would be to choose a selection of natural herbs and vitamin supplements that can have great results. An interesting choice would be Saw Palmetto. This is a compound which is known to block the excessive production of the hormone DHT, which is known to play a major role in hair thinning and loss. Saw Palmetto is sourced from blue black fruit found on dwarf pine trees common to the south eastern states of the US.

Other natural products to consider include nettle roots, horsetail, aloe vera, and uva ursi. Each has been used for hundreds of years to treat health problems related to the scalp and skin. When it comes to choosing a vitamin supplement opt for one that offers zinc, magnesium, biotin and vitamin B6.